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picturing SWEET JOY

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope that each of you takes a moment to enjoy the sweet joy of this day -- whether it is a child's delight in trick-or-treating, a pet's cute costume, or a delicious piece of sweetness that you only allow yourself once a year.

picturing CATTAILS



picturing APPLE SEASON

In my photo 3 course, we are now working with photographing people and using the flash. I am not loving this portion of my training. I tend to focus on the objects more than the people in the shots and I despise the flash. However, I'm trying to think of interesting flash-friendly objects. Apparently, things like water, hair, and holiday lights are more flash-friendly. If you have more tips, let me know!

picturing FALL BEAUTY

Whew! My recent posts have been short and brief. Things have been hectic -- work is crazy, but I'm also fitting in fun things, including my trip to Grand Forks last weekend, a Roger Waters Concert last night (which was a-mazing!), and photography class tonight. However, when I take a moment to catch my breath, I find that I'm often drawn to the subtle beauty of fall. Although the bold tones of crimson and gold often catch my eye, I am also drawn to the rich browns that color the autumnal season. In this photo, I love the sunflower, but I was more drawn to the beautiful browns in the background. Hope to have more time to write soon :)

picturing NAILED IT



country road

picturing WISDOM

A (very) rare moment with Azura reveals the wisdom that many of our pets show us if we take a moment to notice. They often provide the comfort, acceptance, joy, or humor that we need just when we need it.

picturing UNCORKED

picturing SUMMER’S END

roses after the blooms are gone