This is the time of year for new beginnings, resolutions to stay the course or chart a new one, growing into the best possible version of ourselves.

And, we often have a list (sometimes a very long list) of resolutions that involve changing our bodies. Lose 20 pounds.  Stick to a new exercise routine. Sleep more.

But, how new are your new year’s resolutions? Mine seem hauntingly familiar to last year. And, guess what? I weigh the same as last year, I’m exercising the same as last year, and I still have chronic insomnia.

I wonder if the problem isn’t our bodies, but rather our resolutions.

Perhaps instead of resolving to change our bodies in radical ways, we might resolve to radically change how we think about our bodies. Perhaps instead of making sweeping changes on January 1st, we might try to make small changes throughout the year. I’m trying to love (or at least appreciate) a different aspect of my body each month. I’m starting with the easy ones…my ability to run, breathing as a way to feel totally alive in the moment, using fashion to accentuate the body parts I love (or at least don’t hate).

Are you making some truly new, New Year’s resolutions when it comes to your body? If so, I’d love to hear what they are and how their going!

Cheers to a new year and new (year’s) resolutions!

  1. I really value making resolutions at the start of the year, but I did a couple of new things this year to help me “re-picture”. One, was I thought more about goals than resolutions… sometimes resolutions seems to be very much about stopping/quitting/losing/cutting back. Goals, however, are about moving forward and achieving. I like that way of thinking so much better!

    I also split my resolutions into personal, professional and relationship and made some co-resolutions with my husband and business partner. It feels awesome to be working towards something together and much less daunting!

    I love your idea of small changes through the year– I’m often guilty of thinking about my resolutions only at the start and end of each year.

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