Re-Picturing Women

The Re-Picturing Women Project


Why: The purpose of this project is to provide a virtual space for women to use photography and writing to challenge the sexual objectification of women.

What: This is a collaborative endeavor between photographers and women to take photographs that 1) illustrate the costs of sexual objectification for women, 2) picture what authentic women think, feel, and do, and 3) identify ways that women can challenge sexual objectification. To further give women voice, commentary (e.g., interviews, narratives) about how different images re-picture women will also be included.

Who: Because my hope is to grow a community of women who have a shared vision to identify and solve these issues, I would love for you (yes, you!) to participate. If you are interested in contributing, please contact me, sarah.gervais(at) Also, please share this with others who might be interested. I will also be photographing and interviewing some women myself, as well as, soliciting guest posts from other women photographers and bloggers.

    • Daniel Bohórquez
    • July 30th, 2012

    Hello Dr. Sarah,

    I read about your experiments on the cognitive processes that go on during male and female recognition.

    Specifically about the experiment where you presented the participants with full body pictures of women and then presented simultaneously focalized pictures of sexually related parts of the female body both unaltered and slightly altered.

    I was wondering if at any point an experiment was considered whereby women with familiar or intimate bonds to the observer were presented in the pictures. What differences would you expect? would you expect any differences at all?

    This is not my field at all but I do find it very interesting, I apologize if I sound presumptuous, it’s certainly not my intention for I am genuinely interested in learning about this.


    Daniel Bohórquez

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