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picturing CHEERS



If you haven’t noticed, I like (ok love) red wine. Having a glass in the evenings just provides a moment to celebrate the everyday victories or to find comfort through the challenges. It allows for the opportunity to just slow down and sip (unlike most beverages, its tough to guzzle wine). I am always looking for new ways to photograph this extraordinary beverage. The light last night was perfect as I was wrapping gifts, reflecting on the gifts of my life, and allowing myself the gift of a simple drink. What foods or beverages allow you to celebrate? Reflect? Find comfort? Drink up! Cheers!

picturing SIMPLE GIFTS



With my focus on slowing down and making this season meaningful, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the gifts of this past year. Connection with others is one of the greatest gifts that comes to mind. Often times, creating a new connection costs us nothing more than an extra moment to really hear what another person is saying, taking a few minutes to ask another question, or simply looking someone in the eye and smiling.

The specific gifts in this picture include: Tiffany, Meghan, Sara G., and Jenni :)

Who are you grateful to have as presence (presents) in your life?

picturing STARS






picturing SHAPE


I am always trying to strike a balance between actively shaping what my life is becoming and sitting back and letting my life take shape (the circles in this picture made me think of the shape, but it is actually my mom and her french horn).

picturing WRAPPED UP


So many things are getting “wrapped up” right now. The presents for the people in my life are getting wrapped up.The semester is wrapping up. The year 2010 is wrapping up.  Although wrapping things up can be a time of hecticness (yes, that is not even a word, but it has been one of those kind of weeks) and chaos, I’m trying to focus on reflecting on these various projects. Reflecting on this past the semester — the exciting (awards, publications, and press releases) and the not-so-exciting (rejections and grading). Reflecting on 2010 — feeling like I’ve made leaps and bounds creatively — (starting the photography blog, new connections with others, the photography exhibition) and feeling excitement and hope for what the universe has to bring in 2011. What things are you wrapping up right now (both literally and symbolically)? Can you give gratitude for it all and see the the ups and downs as gifts in the journey of life? Maybe you’re in that space, maybe you’re not, but it something to consider.

picturing SWIRLING


What is swirling around or inside you right now?  Do you need to take some time to just breathe to find the inner calm amongst all of the chaos? Do you need to lean into it and learn the lesson that it is trying to teach you? What would help you do that? Here’s to finding peace in the midst of the busi(y)ness of life.




twinkle twinkle


inside/outside lights